“I Don’t Believe In Selective Compassion”: Doctor Who Rescued 100 Birds, 272 Animals

A dentist by profession, Dr Sindhura Pothineni is an animal welfare enthusiast based out of Hyderabad. She has rescued 36 species of birds and over 270 dogs, cats, and other animals.

Dr Sindhura Pothineni is an ardent animal lover from Hyderabad, Telangana, who has rescued over a 100 birds and 270 animals in distress since 2016.

A dentist by profession, she doesn’t believe in selective compassion. “I foster any injured or lost animal I come across, and have even fostered frogs, lizards and chameleons,” she said.

Dr Pothineni emphasises on expertise when it comes to taking care of birds, as different species have varying dietary requirements and may need critical care. She recalled instances of birds passing away before they could be brought to her, either because the gravity of their sickness was underplayed or they were fed foods that proved to be fatal for them.

On the sighting of a baby bird or an injured animal, she advises getting in touch with a wildlife rehabilitator or a local NGO owing to the health complications involved. “It’s a kind thought to rescue them, but providing proper care is also necessary,” noted Dr Pothineni, who has rescued 36 species of birds herself.

The dentist, who has enjoyed the support of her parents and aunt in her fostering journey of five years, also shares short clips of the animals she rescues on her YouTube channel.

Watch the inspiring story of this animal-welfare enthusiast:

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