Meet Indore’s ‘Traffic Girl’, Whose Fun Moves Will Inspire You To Obey Road Rules

Shubhi Jain teaches traffic rules in Indore through warm gestures and dance moves

MBA grad Shubhi Jain is a young traffic volunteer who decided not to shout at or penalise those not following traffic rules. Watch this video how she has grabbed Indore's attention with her fun gestures and moves

A young MBA student and traffic volunteer has gained Indore’s attention with her unique ways of policing traffic on the city’s roads. You might see the 24-year-old in her traffic volunteer jacket controlling busy roads, often saluting or thanking those passing her by, and even showcasing her dance moves from time to time.

Shubhi Jain says her only goal while becoming a volunteer was to make people aware of and follow traffic rules. “Nobody wants someone to come and shout at them or penalise them for not wearing a helmet or seat belt. You get angry and frustrated, especially if you’re returning home after a long and stressful day,” she says.

So Shubhi started saluting and thanking those who do follow rules. Law-breakers are asked nicely to adhere to the regulations, and most react positively, she says. “Looking at the ones who were appreciated, violators start to obey the rules,” Shubhi notes with pride.

Her infectious smile and heartwarming gestures are making Indore’s traffic a little less unbearable. She hopes to continue spreading awareness this way.

Watch Shubhi’s adorable moves and her willingness to make people follow traffic rules in this video below:

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