Delhi Cyclists: Conquering the Road Ahead – Pedal by Pedal

If you thought that cycling is something restricted to children, then the Delhi Cyclists will make you re-think. Delhi Cyclists – a group formed by a few cycling enthusiasts in

If you thought that cycling is something restricted to children, then the Delhi Cyclists will make you re-think.

Delhi Cyclists – a group formed by a few cycling enthusiasts in 2010 aims to promote cycling and the benefits associated with it. Within just a few months of its inception, the group grew to about a 100 active riders from all over the city. Today, Delhi Cyclists is not just a cycling group but also a source of motivation for many. It comprises of people who are from all areas of Delhi and belong to different professions and backgrounds. Astronomers, bankers, journalists, DJ’s, dancers, businessman – this group has it all.

The Delhi Cyclists believe that there is no better thrill than picking your bike every morning and setting out to pedal till one’s heart’s content. There is a great joy in being able to propel yourself with your own two feet and being able to travel long distances, feeling the wind on your face and competing with the petrol powered motor vehicles. The appeal of biking is in exerting control over how fast and where you can go.

In a month, the group goes for three 30 kms rides and a single 50 km ride. Additionally, they also go for “off-road” events (basically cycling outside the city).

Delhi Cyclists has been working vigorously since the last year to promote this sport and to create awareness about its benefits. It not only conducts bike rides for people all over Delhi but it also educates people about the sport of cycling. Ofcourse, the benefits of cycling are many and well-known: zero pollution, increased stamina, overall exercise and so on.

Ajay Chawla, one of the senior most biker even appealed to Sheila Dixit for having a cycling lane made in Delhi. “I really want Delhi to have a cycling lane of its own to support the riders. In fact there should also be special parking available for bikes along with relevant security. I want the cyclists to not be looked down upon by people in the cars! Cycling is an eco friendly sport which is also good for an individual’s health and I have been promoting it for the last 15 years now”, he says.

Vikrant Narang, an astronomer and ardent biker further adds, “We help all those who are interested in learning the sport, spread the knowledge and also make the bikers complete in every respect. From proper diets to work outs to safety equipments – we do it all.”

Delhi Cyclists organizes many cycling events and also takes part in events organized by others. Having taken part in the Dare to Change event by the Lance Armstrong foundation and the Cyclathon in The Earth Hour (organized on 13th march 2011), Delhi Cyclists is now ready to take the flag of cycling high across the nation.

We hope there is indeed a positive change in the lifestyle of people if Delhi Cyclists and other similar groups succeed in their mission. Of course, this change will happen slowly – perhaps pedal by pedal.

Akshita Jain is a freelance journalist, a vivid blogger and an entrepreneur. Writing is her passion and she loves to write about the youth and showcase their talent. She has been writing for Delhi Times, My Times and HT Edge. Her entrepreneurial initiative is Dr. Ankul’s Tarot and Holistic organisation which she co-founded a year ago.

All images copyright & credit: Zehra Warsi

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