Can Mushrooms Fund Your Education? Kashmiri Girl Does It By Earning Rs 70000/Month!

grow mushrooms at home

Neelofar Jaan from Pulwama, Kashmir, has been able to attain financial independence thanks to mushrooms. Watch this video to see what methods she employs to reap big profits, and how she is able to finance her education and take care of her family.

For women, financial independence is of utmost importance, and Neelofar Jaan knows this all too well. There was a time when the Pulwama resident could not even afford to pay her Rs 16,000 semester fees. But today, she makes around Rs 70,000 a month and takes care of the needs of her entire family.

Thanks to a lucrative crop we call mushroom, Neelofar has been able to lead a better and more financially stable life. It all began when the 22-year-old attended a one-week course on button mushroom cultivation conducted by a local agricultural centre.

Very soon, she was growing mushrooms at home and earning thousands per month. While her initial investment was Rs 15,000 a month, Neelofar, who is pursuing a masters degree in social work from Indira Gandhi National Open University, today earns a profit that’s good enough to cover her education expenses.

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Watch this video to learn how the young girl is employing unique farming techniques to gain financial independence:

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