Unable to Find Ambulance For Dad, IIT Grad Built India’s Most Reliable Ambulance Network

Uber free ambulance

India's most reliable ambulance network, HelpNow was founded by IITian Aditya Makkar after he failed to find an ambulance for his father. Today, his initiative has reduced ambulance wait time to 1/3rd.

 Aditya Makkar was 17 when he became a victim of India’s broken and strained emergency service system.

His father suffered a heart attack. But multiple calls to find an ambulance turned futile. Fearing he would lose his father, Aditya gave up on the health services and looked for a cat instead.

Aditya’s father was lucky. A cat was quickly arranged and he was driven to the nearest hospital.

Moved by the incident, the IITan conceived an Uber-like service for ambulances, and got down to implementing it.

Here’s how it works – the service aggregates all the ambulances across any city, and then assigns them automatically, much like how a cab is booked on an app.

“These ambulances can now be accessed via the HelpNow app. When called, the app dispatches the nearest ambulance in the area within 20 minutes. The initiative has already helped hundreds of people offering free services worth Rs 50 lakh,” he says.

Watch his amazing story here: