This Mother’s Post about Her Son Seeing Her Period-Stained Leggings Is a Must-Read


Anupama Kumar, founder of Vriksham, is smashing all sorts of myths and society’s preconceived ideas, one video at a time.

Anupama Kumar Vijay Anand is an internationally certified childbirth educator, pregnancy fitness educator and also a lactation educator. These are just some of her credentials. For those who follow her on social media, one knows how eye-opening her posts on parenting have been.

Whether it is talking about women having autonomy over their bodies and the right to make choices or about breastfeeding your child – Anupama has a video on pretty much everything that parenting involves.

In one of her recent posts, she describes an incident that helped further normalise menstruation and periods for her son. Having been caught off-guard with the period date, Anupama speaks about staining her pants as a result. With numerous tasks on hand she says that she resorted to leaving her stained pants on the stand in the bathroom and thought about washing it once she was done with the work.

A little later she heard her son call out to her. The first thought that struck her was that he had found her stained pants in the bathroom.

The conversation that ensued between mother and son will leave you feeling all sorts of warm and fuzzy.

Anupama and her family.
Image courtesy: Facebook/Vriksham

Anupama’a son, Ahan was calling out to his mother to show her a trail of ants. With excitement he told her that he had discovered where they were coming from. Relieved, Anupama asked if this was what he was calling out to her for and he asked why else he would be.

On mentioning the stained pants in the bathroom, Ahan comforted Anupama and said he understood that being on her periods could be tiresome for her and she shouldn’t bother about when she gets around to cleaning the pants.

In saying those words, he normalised the entire process of periods for Anupama.

As a very proud mother Anupama shared this incident with her followers and through it also urges other women to find ways to normalise periods for themselves and those around them in their families.

Comments on the post are equally heart-warming with other mothers cheering her on and saying that they would try and follow suit.

So what do you think is the best way to normalise the conversation around periods?

(Edited by Vinayak Hegde)

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