Watch: This Desi Innovation Lets You Make Juice By Pedalling a Cycle!

eat raja cycle juice

Bengaluru's Eat Raja is famous for it's zero-waste juice. Watch its new innovation — a zero-electricity 'cycle mixie' that lets you to make your own juice while pedaling a bicycle.

When Anandraj BSN transformed his fathers legacy into a zero-waste attraction, it created a buzz all over India.

Doing away with plastic water bottles and other common elements of a juicery back then, his ‘Eat Raja’ has been serving freshly prepared juice in fruit shells since 2017.

There is something irrefutably appealing about drinking out of a fruit, but on a deeper level, the off-beat practice aims to save considerable amounts of plastic and kitchen waste. While the culture does away with the use of straws, a customer is offered one made of steel or bamboo, if needed.

Taking one step further, Anandraj recently came up with yet another tweak in the famous juice shop of Malleswaram, Bengaluru. He introduced its very own ‘cycle mixie’ to propagate values of waste management and energy conservation.

The innovation is built out of waste materials and set up on a second-hand cycle. It allows the customers to churn their own juice by peddling the cycle which stands stationary. The mixie attached at the back is a product that would otherwise have been discarded as useless.

While the mechanism saves electricity, the peddling means that you can probably enjoy an extra glass of the sweet treat guilt-free!

Watch this video to discover the future of eco-friendly juiceries: