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Watch: 23-YO Builds Low-Cost Solar ‘Rickshaw’ Home From Scrap at 1/5th the Cost

Arun Prabhu, a Chennai-based architect, has constructed a house on top of an auto rickshaw that could be a long-term solution to illegal encroachments in metro cities.

Two months ago the Bombay High Court termed the mounting illegal settlements across the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) as a ‘situation gone out of hand’ as thousands of encroachers were living on government land for free. The issue of illegal encroachments is also found in Chennai.

As the population grows and land area remains the same, the uneven ratio needs immediate attention. Noticing the alarming situation, Arun Prabhu has come up with a low-cost solution.

An architect by profession, the 23-year-old built a house on top of an autorickshaw in August 2019. The 6×6 feet detachable and portable home took five months to get ready. It is designed in such a way that it can be attached to any vehicle.

Called ‘Solo 0.1’, the house is equipped with a toilet, foyer, terrace, living room space, kitchen and other such essential spaces.

It is meant for solo travelers, vendors, artists, homeless and construction workers. Arun says it can also be used for evacuations during natural disasters.

The best part?

It is entirely built from scrap, runs on solar power and can store 250 litres of water.

While a house in the slums of Mumbai costs around Rs 5,00,000, Arun managed to build himself a home in just Rs 1,00,000.

Step inside this beautiful home that could be a gamechanger here: