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IIT-M’s Viral ‘Motorcycle Wheelchair’ Wows Anand Mahindra, Breaks Barriers in Mobility

wheelchair scooter innovation

Watch this video to understand how the innovative NeoBolt mobile wheelchair developed by Swostik Dash transforms into a scooter to aid persons with disabilities.

In 2016, Swostik Dash with Sujatha Srinivasan started NeoMotion, a startup offering products that provide not only comfort but also mobility to persons with disabilities.

Swostik holds an MTech degree in Product Design from IIT-Madras. During his college years, his sense of social responsibility urged him to work on multiple projects that could aid PwDs.

Combining theoretical knowledge with his on-ground experience, he came up with an innovative mobile wheelchair called NeoBolt. This wheelchair comes with an attachable front scooter that can be strapped on by the user without any assistance.

The battery-operated transformable vehicle allows users to travel a distance of 30 km per charge at a speed of 25 km per hour. The design allows mobility across varied terrains due to the presence of two front wheels, which provide additional balance.

Understand the mechanism of NeoBolt by NeoMotion in this interesting video: