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Jharkhand Siblings Dance to B-Town Hits & Get One Million YouTube Fans


Sanatan Mahato and Savitri Kumari run a YouTube channel called Dance Sanatan, which has now earned over 1 million subscribers.

What makes for good entertainment? Sanatan Mahato and Savitri Kumari, a brother-sister duo from Kushmatand village in Jharkhand, are proving that lavish costumes and grand sets are not a prerequisite for performing. Without any frills, they have been making entertaining dance videos and earning lakhs from it.

Their YouTube page, Dance Sanatan, has over 1 million followers and they are also the recipient of the coveted golden button award from YouTube. A teacher by profession, Savitri was employed in a school nearby but with financial difficulties during the lockdown period, the school shut down and Savitri found herself without a job. This coupled with their own financial difficulties proved to be rather stressful for the family.

Savitri joined her brother, Sanatan, who is a trained dancer and soon the duo started winning over the internet with their dance moves.

The brother-sister duo.

They could not afford make-up or clothes that would enhance their personality in any way, but their dance moves always shone through. The best part about all this dancing is how Sanatan even managed to improve the family’s financial condition. Just last year, during the lockdown, Sanatan earned Rs 12 lakhs and used a part of the money towards renovating their house and buying better equipment to shoot their dance videos.

Theirs is a stellar example of how all one needs is talent to shine.