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Aquaponics- a smart way to farm in cities

Aquaponics is an urban farming method where no soil is used for cultivation of plants. Rather, the plants are based in water. Fish are introduced in this water, they are fed and their excreta fertilise the plants. You can get in-depth details about its functions in the online workshop.

Topics covered in the online workshop:

Moumita Mukherjee, an MSc in zoology, quit her corporate job to take up aquaponics over two years ago. Here’s what she will cover in 3 hours:

  • A basic introduction to aquaponics and the differences and relation between aquaponics, hydroponics, agriculture and aquaculture
  • Understanding the site selection criteria, critical water system parameters, growing media selection etc
  • Understanding the pros and cons of aquaponics and how to reap maximum benefits
  • Determination of the number of fishes and fish feeding rates for aquaponics
  • Discussion of plant diseases, organic methods of pest control, nutritional deficiencies, water circulation basics etc
  • Discussion of commercial prospects of aquaponics

Tell me more about this!

Let aquaponics be your supply of fresh organic produce, all year round!

Urban Farming

Aquaponics is an urban farming method which can be undertaken in limited space and yet have a substantial yield

Fresh Food

Aquaponics can help you grow vegetables and herbs right in your home and can ensure the supply of fresh produce throughout the year

Easy Access

Accessibility and lack of time came in your way of learning aquaponics? We got your covered with this online workshop

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