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Going back to our roots

Bamboo and soil offer endless opportunities- not just the prospect of building a humble hut. This 4.5-day workshop in Auroville will teach you various methods of building a sustainable home (adobe, cob, 'waddle & daub') with traditional and modern techniques. Enjoy a hands-on experience of building a home with materials that will keep you warm in winters and cool in summers.

What to expect in the Auroville workshop:

  • Learn using bamboo as a construction material. Right from harvesting the sturdy grass to using it for construction, you get hands-on experience of all processes.
  • Identify various types of soil, their strengths as a construction material and how to mould them to plaster walls.
  • Get hands-on experience in constructing with traditional and modern techniques of sustainable architecture.
  • Understanding how traditional material can be moulded into the modern needs of architecture.

Tell me more about this!

Spend 5 days at Auroville and learn a unique life skill!


Sustainable architecture using bamboo & soil reduces carbon footprint during construction and keeps your home comfortable all year long.

Accommodation/ Day Attendees

You can opt for accommodation at the location or arrange for your own stay. The price will change according to your choice.


Perfect for aspiring architects and those building a new home, this Auroville workshop is a must-attend!

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