Apply For CERN Fellowship in Geneva, Stipend Over 8000 Swiss Francs/Month


CERN – the European Organisation for Nuclear Research has advertised for a Senior Applied Fellowship Programme at Geneva, Switzerland, for Indian nationals.

CERN – the European Organisation for Nuclear Research has advertised for a Senior Applied Fellowship Programme at Geneva, Switzerland. The organisation with physicists and engineers is known for the work they do in understanding the fundamental structure of the universe.

Things to know:

  • The Senior Fellowship Programme is aimed at graduates from universities or higher technical institutes.
  • The fellowships are intended for MSc or PhD graduates who are looking to work in the research space.
  • If chosen, the employment contract will be for a period of six months (minimum) to 36 months (maximum).
  • A stipend ranging from 7,201 ( Rs 5,91,002) to 8,178 (Rs 6,71,186) Swiss Francs per month will be given to the selected fellows.
  • Along with the stipend, the fellows will also be entitled to the membership of the CERN Pension Fund.
  • Upon selection to the fellowship programme, the candidate will also be able to avail of CERN’s comprehensive health scheme (for the candidate, their spouse and children).
  • Candidates can avail of 2.5 days of paid leave per month.

Eligibility criteria:

The Globe of Science and Innovation is a visitor center, designed to inform visitors about the significant research being carried out at CERN
  • Candidates applying for the position must check if the country they belong to is a CERN Member or an Associate Member State. The list can be accessed here.
  • India is a CERN Associate Member State and thus Indian nationals are eligible to apply for the positions.
  • Candidates applying for the fellowship must have a PhD, or at least 4 years of relevant experience since the completion of their MSc (or the equivalent diploma which gives access to doctoral programmes), and in both cases a maximum limit of 10 years of experience after completion of their MSc.

How to apply?

Candidates are required to have the following documents in PDF format while applying for the position:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Details of their most recent qualification
  • Three recent letters of recommendation (not older than a year at the time of the deadline for application), giving an overview of your academic and/or professional achievements
  • The last date by which the application must be submitted is 1 September 2021 by noon (12.00 CEST, which is 3 pm IST)
  • Click here for all details and to apply for the position.

(Edited by Yoshita Rao)