Celebrating PV Sindhu’s Stunning Win at Tokyo Olympics With Rare Pics

tokyo olympics badminton

Rare pictures of PV Sindhu, India's star shuttler who has delighted millions of Indians with her sweeping entry into the semi-finals of Tokyo Olympics.

In a sweeping victory, renowned Indian badminton player PV Sindhu beat Japan’s Akane Yamaguchi to enter the semi finals of Tokyo Olympics today. She bagged a conspicuous victory in the first round with 21-13, and a 22-20 win in the second.

The development has a loud cheer of affection for the 26-year-old roaring across the country.

This seasoned shuttler has always displayed a strong love for the sport that is inspiring to say the least. While her father, PV Ramana, was an internationally renowned volleyball player, Sindhu’s passion was badminton from the start. This was fortified through stringent solo training under sports legend Gopichand. It was under his mentorship that she bagged her first Grand Prix gold in the 2013 Malaysian Open.

In 2019, on the day of her mother’s birthday, Sindhu became the first Indian to win a gold medal in the Badminton World Championships.

Be it starting her day before the break of dawn to showing commendable spirits since the young age of 10, her efforts have been relentless in reaching a global level of recognition in the field.

Here is a collection of a few rare pictures from PV Sindhu’s journey in celebration of her joyous victory: