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How I Went From Walking Barefoot to School To Bagging My Dream Job: Domestic Worker’s Son Shares

In a viral LinkedIn post, Bhavesh Lohar, son of a domestic worker from Rajasthan's Udaipur, shared his story of how he went from walking barefoot to school to earning his dream job as an engineer at Ford Motor Company.

How I Went From Walking Barefoot to School To Bagging My Dream Job: Domestic Worker’s Son Shares

When Bhavesh Lohar from Udaipur, Rajasthan was a young boy, he would walk barefoot on the highway in the scorching heat every day, and talk with his friends about what cars they would buy when they made it big one day. Around this time, when he saw an ad in a local newspaper for a Ford Figo, he instantly fell in love.

Now, Bhavesh seems to have come full circle, as he has recently bagged a job as a software engineer at Ford Motor Company. That he is the son of a domestic worker, his journey of triumph becomes even more special amid his realities of economic hardships and sheer determination.

Bhavesh is a student of technology from NIT (National Institute of Technology), Bhopal. His mother is a domestic worker who put in all her efforts to fund his studies, and his siblings offered unending support to fuel his dreams. He also worked several odd jobs to get through college.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bhavesh had to leave his hostel and come back to his one room house, which was already full with seven other occupants, barely leaving any space for him to mindfully focus on his studies. But this did not deter him.

He built a room for himself to study in, and prepared for his future without complaints. With honest efforts, he went on to sit for placements and interviews at top tier companies.

Recently, in a LinkedIn post that is going viral, Bhavesh shared the story of how he overcame issues of space and funds to achieve his dream of bagging a high profile job at a renowned company.


Here is what he has to say:

I remember those days, walking along the highway barefoot in scorching heat going to a govt. school me and my two friends used to discuss the future cars that we will buy when we will become big person, those days I developed deep love towards Ford Figo seeing it in a local newspaper ad and always wanted to buy it when I have enough money.

today I feel very blessed to tell that I have Joined Ford Motor Company as A Software Engineer. My mom was waiting for this day her whole life.

Due to corona I was forced to leave my college hostel and return to my home, I only had one room for my 7 member family so I built (some parts of it) a small room to study.

I slept, learned, and gave interviews in some of the great companies sitting in this 6 by 6 room and was fortunate enough to got selected in Ford.

I want to feel my utmost gratitude towards my lovely elder sisters who sacrificed their own dreams to let my dreams live, they worked and earned money to feed my family, towards My mom who used to work as house maid to fund my studies because my father was not able to do this with his 7 to 8k monthly income of which almost all is going towards his debt.

In childhood, I promised my mom that when I will start making money she will not have a need to work and I will make a golden swing for her to rest.

in college, I had to left college society to do part-time work to fund my studies.

I feel fortunate to have These all struggles in my life because they made me tough enough to face every situation in my life.

I know that there are many students living a life tougher than this I only want to tell you that keep doing your works honestly and be positive because God has better plans for you as said in Gita “karma kiye jaa fal ki chinta na kar”.

thankyou everyone who supported me in my journey.

Shoutout to Love Babbar bhaiya for keeping me motivated during my college placements.

thanks to Srijana Upadhaya, Yash Rathi Vaishali Dhamodaran,Dhananjay Nair sir for making my first day at Ford memorable.

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