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The Braveheart who lost his own Life but Saved his Workers during the Ludhiana Gas Leak Tragedy

Satpal Makol didn’t think twice before hurrying to the workshop where his 25 employees were caught in a gas leak from a nearby tanker. He helped them escape even though he lost his own life in the process.

In the recent horrific ammonia leak in Ludhiana on 12 June, which took at least six lives and left more than 100 gasping for breath, one man emerged as a hero as he tried to save his employees at the cost of his own life.

Satpal Makol, 60, a sweet shop owner in Doraha town, did not care about his own safety while trying to save 25 of his employees from the toxic ammonia gas which was leaked from a gas tanker stuck under a flyover.


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Satpal was at home when his family received a call at around 11 pm about the gas leak. Though his family asked him not to go, he slipped out of home quietly to help his employees escape from the hazardous site.

He opened the shutter of one of his workshops and broke the shutter of the second room to help his workers escape. During this process, he inhaled toxic ammonia and fell down near the workshop.

When his son Vineet reached the workshop, he saw his father lying on the floor, unconscious. His body had turned blue. Vineet took him to the hospital, where Satpal died during the treatment.

A loving employee, Satpal ran a sweet shop ‘Lovely Sweets & Bakers’ and always put his employees’ security at a priority. Satpal showed immense courage and kindness in risking his own life to help his employees live.

Though Satpal could not be saved, he will always be remembered for his immensely praiseworthy and noble deed. May his soul rest in peace.

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