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Exclusive: Unable to Hear or Speak, Hero Bishnoi’s Video Goes Viral on the Internet

Meet Farsa Ram Bishnoi, an unsung hero from Rajasthan. Recently, a video of him carrying an injured Chinkara on his shoulders went viral after being shared on Twitter by IFS officer Ramesh Pandey.

Exclusive: Unable to Hear or Speak, Hero Bishnoi’s Video Goes Viral on the Internet

On a Wednesday afternoon, Anil Shou (31), a resident of Budhnagar, Rajasthan, received a distress call from his mother who was working on their farm.

“A Chinkara [Gazelle] that was roaming around our farm was attacked by a bunch of stray dogs. My mother quickly got into action and chased away the dogs. But, the chinkara was bitten on its hind legs and was unable to move. So we made a phone call to Farsa Ram Bishoi, a well-known wildlife conservation worker in our village,” says Anil.

Born and raised in Budh Nagar, 25-year-old Farsa Ram Bishnoi cannot hear or speak. However, he acts as the voice for all the wildlife around him.

Not only does he provide them with food and shelter but also gives them first aid, if they are injured, and even takes them to the veterinarian, if necessary.

Saving an injured Gazelle
Farsa Ram Bishnoi (25)

Now, this hero from a small town has become an internet sensation after Indian Forest Service officer Ramesh Pandey shared a video of him on Twitter.

In the video, Farsa Ram is seen racing out of the farmland, carrying the injured Gazelle on his shoulders.

When Anil heard about the injured Gazelle, his first action was to video call Farsa Ram and show him what had happened. Then he shared the location with him and within 10 minutes, Ram reached the location.

“Usually, I would call the forest officials to the spot so that we can transport the injured animal to the nearest town where the veterinary clinic is situated. However, this Gazelle was hurt in the middle of the farmland where vehicles cannot enter. So, I swept up the animal and carried it on my shoulders till the road,” says Ram.

During this time, the Gazelle remained calm. Ram believes that the animal understood that the humans were trying to help it.

“This is not something that only I do, there are many people in my community who spend all their lives taking care of animals. I grew up seeing them and being inspired by them,” says Ram.

After IFS officer Ramesh Pandey shared the video, it was reshared over 1,000 times and has over 4,500 likes. After he shared the video, several people from the Bishnoi community expressed their joy to see their community and youth being recognised.

Ramesh says, “I am glad to bring this story of conservation to light and give the real hero his deserved recognition. With the efforts of youngsters like Ram, collectively we can protect nature.”

Edited by Yoshita Rao

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