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Watch: 82-YO Grandma From Chennai Is Proving That Age Is No Barrier for Fitness

Thanks to her viral workout videos alongside her grandson Chirag Chordia, Chennai's 82-year-old Kiran Bai has become a fitness star on Instagram. Find out how and why this inspiring senior citizen decided to give deadlifts and squats a go!

For most of us the words ‘fitness enthusiast’ conjures up the image of young people in trendy workout clothes and expensive sports shoes, breaking a sweat at the gym. However, this 82-year-old grandma, deadlifting barefoot in a Marwari sari, is breaking stereotypes and inspiring people of all ages to take up exercising.

Since her childhood, Kiran Bai, a resident of Chennai, led an active lifestyle taking part in swimming, kho-kho, kabaddi. After her marriage she stayed fit through her daily chores like milking cows, carrying buckets of water up the staircase and grinding masalas by hand.

In 2020, when she fell from her bed and sprained her legs, she felt she would have to resign herself to a sedentary lifestyle. This is when her grandson, Chirag Chordia, a trainer and co-owner of Strength System gym, came to his grandmother’s aid. He created a makeshift gym at their home and customised a workout plan for Kiran Bai.

After working out thrice a week for over three months, the octogenarian can do a range of exercises from glute bridges and bicep curls to deadlifts and split squats. Exercising has not only made her stronger but has also helped her regain a sense of independence to complete all her household chores, as she used to before her injury.

Watch this video to see the gusty grandma taking the internet by storm with her workout routine.