‘Hope to Inspire & Prioritise Earth’: Sonakshi Sinha’s Small Steps to a Sustainable Life

Earth Champions

Actor Sonakshi Sinha has been working towards creating a more sustainable future by making changes in her daily life.

On one of her trips to the island country of Maldives, where she went snorkelling and witnessed the effects of climate change on the marine ecosystem first-hand—such as coral bleaching and loss of fish species—actor Sonakshi Sinha began working towards creating a greener and a more sustainable future.

Recently, Sonakshi was honoured as part of the Sony BBC Earth initiative – ‘Earth Champions’ for her efforts to create a sustainable future. The initiative aims to elevate the voices of those who are creating change so that others may be inspired to take small steps today for a better tomorrow. It has brought to light the stories of individuals who are working towards building a sustainable future with their relentless efforts and daily actions.

The actress has made significant changes in her waking life such as avoiding the use of plastic, conserving energy and reducing its usage, conserving water, upcycling clothes, using eco-friendly products like bamboo toothbrushes and, most importantly, making people around her aware of what they can do to live a life of sustainability too. She believes that these small changes can go a long way in having more than just a positive impact on the environment.

Watch the conversation with Sonakshi here: