Join The Better India’s Student Entrepreneurship Program! Details Within

We exist to make sure our homes and planet are safer for our families and children – and we need to work together to amplify that cause.

Through school and college, I never once got an opportunity to understand how the real world out there works. I learned a lot of “relevant” work only when I got my first job.

The sad truth is that during our school or college years, there are very few opportunities that teach you how to build something, how to create a narrative, sell an idea, reach out to people.

So you’re left with little knowledge about how to thrive in the real world.

This is why we are launching The Better India’s Student Entrepreneurship Program. If you are a student, read on.

What’s in it for you?

You get to:

  • Learn (with practical implementation) how to sell – which is, in my opinion, one of the most important skills for an entrepreneur
  • Learn how to identify and target the right audiences
  • Learn how to organize, track and follow up with customers
  • Explore the thriving space of fast-growing new-age consumer brands
  • Network with and be a part of a like-minded community of students

And you have the potential to earn up to INR 20,000 a month while doing all of this!

Bonus: If you participate, you are also working towards building a better, more sustainable planet

What makes you eligible to participate?

A) You are a student

We want to empower students with real-world skills and allow them to learn what it’s like to grow a business from the inside.

It’s important to us to spread the message of sustainability to young, passionate folk like you so you can be our voice of reason in a world that urgently needs to get its consumption patterns right.

B) You want to be an entrepreneur

It’s not easy to drive behavioural change that comes from years of conditioning. It takes grit, tact, and a lot of hustle. And above all that, an aspiration to do something different.

C) You are passionate about building a better world

This is fundamental for us. We want someone who truly believes in our cause and the reason for our existence. We exist to make sure our homes and planet are safer for our families and children – and we need to work together to amplify that cause.

Questions you may have:

1. How long will this program be?

A. One month long.

2. What will the role be like?

A. You will be using marketing tools to drive sales for The Better Home products and be mentored by our in-house team.

3. Is it a paid role?

A. Yes. Incentive driven.

4. What is the interview process?

A. There is no interview. If you are keen to participate, you can click on this link, follow the steps and start right away!

Alright, how to apply?

Just fill this form and get started!

If you have any other questions, feel free to write to me on d.parekh[at], and I’ll be happy to respond.