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Air India Diverts a Plane and Saves a Life by Delivering a Heart for Transplant

A precious life was saved as Air India air lifted the donated heart from Madurai and delivered it to Chennai on time. Here's all you need to know.

A precious life was saved as Air India airlifted a donated heart from Madurai and delivered it to Chennai on time. Here’s all you need to know.

In a great humanitarian gesture, an Air India flight diverted its route and made an emergency landing to deliver a heart in time for transplant.

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Photo: Arpingstone/wikipedia

A 48-year old Pune resident suffering from Cardiomyopathy, a rapidly deteriorating heart muscle disease, was admitted in a Chennai hospital three weeks ago. On Wednesday, a 29-year old was declared brain dead after an accident in Madurai. The family took a brave step and decided to donate his organs as per their doctor’s suggestion.

The heart was medically harvested to be transported to Chennai, but the AI flight which was originally supposed to take the heart got unexpectedly delayed due to unavoidable circumstances.

After knowing the critical situation, another AI Kochi-Chennai flight was diverted to Madurai. It did an emergency landing in Madurai, picked the heart and delivered it to the medical team at Chennai in time.

As soon as the heart reached the airport, it was quickly taken to the hospital and reached there in just 10 minutes with support from traffic police officials.

The operation was eventually successful and a precious life was saved.

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