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Designed For Indian Roads, Pune Startup’s E-Cycle Runs 45 Km on a Single Charge

Designed For Indian Roads, Pune Startup’s E-Cycle Runs 45 Km on a Single Charge

A Pune-based startup named E Motorad has launched an e-cycle that is both a cycle and an electric bike. There are two variants of the e-cycle and they are suitable for riding across the city terrains as well as rocky terrains like the mountains.

As India continues to witness a radical leap in the electric mobility sector, a Pune-based startup named E Motorad has launched an e-cycle that also doubles as an e-bike.

Apart from being a sustainable alternative, the e-cycle addresses one of the biggest questions e-vehicles buyers have — what if the vehicle runs out of charge half-way? With an e-cycle, if the battery runs out of charge, the user can pedal their way back home or to the nearest location where they can charge the battery.

“The concept was inspired by European countries where most users use e-bikes for their commute. I came across this while travelling there in 2016,” says Rajib Gangopadhyay, the founder of E Motorad.

Kunal Gupta (CEO) and Rajib Gangopadhyay, the founder.

Innovating the vehicle

Rajib, who has been involved in the mobility sector for eight years, was travelling across various countries during 2016. During his time in Europe, he saw many locals using e-bikes every day, and he wanted to introduce the same back in India.

“I spoke to many experts who were also in the e-mobility sector in India to understand how I can start a company, set up a manufacturing unit and drive sales. But in India, those who wish to switch to an e-vehicle are always anxious about their decision because they worry about their vehicle running out of charge half-way through their commute. So, I wanted to introduce an e-cycle that would work as both an e-bike and a cycle, as well as a combination of both,” says Rajib, adding that he spent three years researching and developing the model along with CEO Kunal Gupta.

By early 2020, the duo had finalised their design and established a manufacturing unit in Pune that can produce up to 300 cycles every month.

About the e-cycle

E-Motorad has introduced two types of bikes — EMX and T-Rex. While both are suitable for riding across city terrain, they can also be used on uneven terrain as a mountain bike.

The e-cycles are equipped with a sturdy frame, disc brakes in the front and rear wheel, and dual suspension for extra comfort. The EMX variant has a 36V 250 W rear motor that is powered by a 10.4 AH Samsung lithium-ion battery. The e-cycle can go 45 km on a single charge at a maximum speed of 28 km/hr, which also means that the rider does not require a driver’s license.

The T-Rex variant also has similar features in terms of build, brake, and suspension. It is powered by a 36 V 7.8 AH battery and can go 35 km on a single charge.

“The battery is detachable so that it can be charged anywhere, and it takes three hours to attain full charge. The cycles also have a digital screen that displays the speed, and an LED light in the front. A rider can manoeuvre in three modes — pedal-assist mode s/he would have to manually pedal, but would have some push from the battery; throttle mode where the e-cycle works as an e-bike, and a pedal mode, where the rider would just have to pedal like they would with a regular cycle,” says Kunal.

A user riding the e-cycle.

Sumedh B (30), a resident of Pune, purchased the EMX e-cycle in September 2020. His initial idea was to get some exercise and outdoor time on a daily basis. “Now that I have this e-bike, I ride it to office, which is about 8 km away. It takes me a little over 15 minutes to reach work, and I find it very convenient because I can beat traffic, and still look presentable when I arrive. I use it as a regular cycle while coming back from work so I manage to get some exercise,” he says.

The cycles were launched on a pre-booking mode in February 2020 at Rs. 55,000 for the EMX and Rs 45,000 for the T-Rex. By the end of the year, they sold 1,200 pieces, and now, they have also launched a new variation named Karbon, which is a foldable e-cycle.

To know more about the products or to place an order, visit the official website.

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