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Bengaluru-based HR Professional Helps Over 2000 Find Their Dream Job For Free

Bengaluru-based HR Professional Helps Over 2000 Find Their Dream Job For Free

The struggle to find a job in this economy might be felt by many. But Bengaluru-based S Achuthananda is helping thousands find a job through a WhatsApp group network of HR professionals.

Are motivational speeches effective? Here is testimonial evidence that they are. “Since childhood, I have this hobby of listening to many motivational speeches as it gives me positive energy. Dr BM Hegde made a speech about giving back to society. That’s what made me think about what I can do for society as well,” S Achuthananda tells The Better India.

Karnataka’s Mysuru native, Achuthananda, who came from humble beginnings, decided to make a noble use of his profession. The human resource (HR) professional at Bengaluru-based Ensign Equipments Private Limited company says, “While recruiting employees for my company, I met so many who spend huge amounts of money on different consultancies to get a job. Some say that even after spending money on registering in the consultancy, they are not given a job. This prompted me to help the unemployed find a job.”

Today, Achuthananda has helped over 2,000 youth get their dream jobs for free.

A network to employ youth

In March 2017, he started a WhatsApp group and named it — Udyoga Nimitham, which means ‘employment for youth’ in Kannada, with 40 job seekers and 10 HR professionals. This has now grown to 13,200 job aspirants and over 475 HR professionals in the group.

As a WhatsApp group can have only 256 participants, he created two WhatsApp groups where the HR professionals are added. The job seekers are added to a Telegram group, as it can have two lakh participants. Once the professionals post a job requirement in the group, Achuthananda shares it to the Telegram group. The youth are expected to apply for jobs according to their qualifications. After this, the job seekers contact the particular HR, attend the interview and get the job.

During the initial days, the 45-year-old collected the contact numbers of job seekers who attended interviews at his company while most of the HR professionals who were added to the group were his friends.

“Within 15 days of starting the Udyoga Nimitham group, one job seeker got a job. This made me proud and I understood that I would be able to help more job seekers by adding more professionals and youth to the group. I also give advice to the job seekers to not fall prey to fake job advertisements,” he says, adding that he also informs them not to give money as fees to procure jobs.

A sweet payback

More and more scams are unearthed today of fake job recruitment cells asking for money from the unemployed. Achuthananda admits to charging “a unique fee” from the youth who find a job via the Udyoga Nimitham. “Yes, I do take a sweet return gift from them,” he says, adding, “I also ask them to add more job seekers to the group, assuming they will definitely have friends who are job seekers too.” In this way, he believes, he can save more people from scams and find them a job free of cost.

Achuthananda reveals that his job search initiative works on a referral system and most of the job seekers on the group today are referred by other youth who found jobs via the Udyoga Nimitham.

“I, like many others, lost my job during the coronavirus pandemic. I had applied in my companies but to no avail. It was only through one of my friends that I came to know about the Udyoga Nimitham group. I still can’t believe that just two weeks after joining that group, I got a job at ContinuServe Softech India Private Limited. In turn, I added two of my friends to the group who also lost their jobs during the pandemic,” Gayathri G, a member of the group says.

Talking about the HR professionals, Achuthananda says that most of them join the group through an HR reference. For others, Achuthananda sends emails informing them about the group and then adds them, if they are interested in joining. Most of the professionals in the group are working at IT companies, or in the automobile industries, hospitals and reputed companies.

HR at Chelsio Communications India Pvt Ltd Pavithra M says, “I received a mail from Achuthananda last year, where he emailed me the details of the Udyoga Nimitham group. I was surprised to read that he is helping job seekers for free and replied saying I was interested. On the same day, he added me to the group and our company hired over 10 youth, all because of a WhatsApp group.”

Achuthananda adds that many of his friends have suggested that he expand the group and make it into a commercial business. However, Achuthananda replies, “If I turn it into a business, then the value of Udyoga Nimitham will fall and it will look similar to normal consultancies.”

But in his endeavour to reach more people, he has created a website that helps candidates join the Telegram App. To know more about the group you can contact Achuthananda on 9902024614 and

(Edited by Yoshita Rao)

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