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Kerala Man Creates 3-in-1 Stove That Uses Waste Paper For Fuel, Generates Less Smoke

Kerala native, Abdul Kareem, develops a rocket stove that is also an oven and a water heater. It uses waste paper and coconut shells as fuel.

Kerala Man Creates 3-in-1 Stove That Uses Waste Paper For Fuel, Generates Less Smoke

Abdul Kareem, 57, says he has the lockdown to thank for his latest invention. “During the lockdown period, I thought — what if electricity and LPG supply stop one day? What alternative can be used to cook food? Even though traditional stoves are available in Kerala, many people hesitate to use them due to the thick smoke. That’s when I started work on my rocket stove,” he says.

The Ernakulam native came up with his invention—which not only cooks your food but also has an inbuilt oven and a separate water heater—in March 2020. Kareem says it can be fueled by waste paper and coconut shells, apart from firewood.

rocket stove

The rocket stove is based on a concept developed by the British in the 1850s. He explains, “A British version contains an insulated vertical chimney. I have seen it in many hotels in Kodaikanal and Munnar. This burning stove ensures complete combustion before the flames reach the cooking surface.”

He did more research on Google about the British stove before making one. “I have my own company — Excellent Engineering, in Kochi where for the past 40 years, I have been making products such as boilers, and many industrial materials,” Abdul says.

With the help of five employees of his company, he created his own version. The 57-year old’s invention is made using 4 mm mild steel sheets, and the oven chamber is made with stainless steel sheets. The materials for the stove were taken from his company and are easily available at the market.

He recalls, “After the stove was made in our company, we tested it near my house using firewood as fuel. We cooked rice on the cooking stove and made a chicken dish in the oven and heated water. I was delighted to see my stove working as I expected. Seeing this stove functioning, my relatives and friends started ordering the stove. Then, with my employees at the company, we began the production of the rocket stove.”

Comprising an oven, a cooking stove, a water heater and a pipe to let out the smoke, Abdul says, “My product is a one-time investment.” He adds, “Many products have just two or three years of warranty, but for mine, I am assuring a life-time warranty.”

rocket stove

Abdul says that people can even use dry waste to operate the stove. All vessels, including clay pots and non-stick pans, can be used on the stove.

The stoves are available in four models and are easily portable too. The premium model costs Rs 20,000, which weighs 60 kilos.

The regular model has two options for cooking and grilling. This stove costs Rs 6,500 and weighs 35 kilos. And the basic model has only the cooking option, which costs Rs 5,000 and weighs 30 kilos.

Abdul also has a fourth kind, which he calls a ‘tour package stove’, intended for cooking on the go. This portable stove costs Rs 7,000 and weighs 20 kilos.

Abdul’s rocket stove was launched after various rounds of testing. He says, “In the last six months, many quality tests were done, and we have ensured that the product meets all safety standards.”

rocket stove

He also wishes to mass-produce his invention; however, most of the orders are currently received from Kerala. Till date, Abdul has received over 100 orders for his rocket stove. “I am ready to distribute my product outside Kerala as well. As the stoves are portable, they can be sent through the courier system, which I have tied up with,” he concludes.

To order a rocket stove from Abdul, you can contact him on 95624 02265.

(Edited by Yoshita Rao)

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