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Woman Shares Heartwarming Encounter With ‘Real-Life’ Santa During Auto Ride

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During an auto ride with her sister, Manjiri noticed a puppy curled up beside the driver’s seat. Curious, she asked the driver about him.

In a heartwarming story shared on Facebook earlier this week, Pune-based author Manjiri Prabhu recounted her unexpected interaction with “real-life Santa” Harvinder Singh, an autorickshaw driver.

In a post that has since gone viral, Manjiri says she took an auto ride with her sister Leena on 26 December. When the women reached their destination and got off to pay the driver the fare, Manjiri noticed a small puppy curled up beside the driver’s seat.

Curious, she asked the driver about him. Singh told her the puppy, Ronnie, had been brought home by his son. However, since there was no one home to look after the dog, he decided to take Ronnie with him to work, instead of abandoning him. Ronnie travels with Singh everywhere, and the latter even keeps food and water in his vehicle for him.

Sharing a picture of the two, Manjiri wrote that her interaction with Singh reminded her of the existence of “good souls” who were real Santas “in different ways for different beings”.

Since the post was shared on Facebook, it has received 3.7k reactions and been shared 1.1k times. Netizens have joined in to applaud Singh’s kindness as well.

Posted by Manjiri Prabhu (Author) on Friday, 25 December 2020

Read the full story in the post below:

Today I met a Santa in real life…

My sister Leena and I took an auto-rickshaw and when we reached our destination, I descended from the auto and turned to pay the driver. It was then that I found myself staring straight into two beautiful brown eyes, observing me curiously from beside the driver’s seat! It was a tiny pup, snug on a thick rug inside the curve of the auto and with a fancy leash.

I was surprised… We hadn’t heard a whimper from him all through the drive and had not the slightest clue that there was a dog in the auto with us!

Ronnie, as was his name, seemed to be a happy, content pup, settled to a life of adventures and journeys. Harvinder Singh, the auto driver explained that his son had brought the pup home but unfortunately there was no one to take care of him, while Harvinder was away on rickshaw-duty. So instead of abandoning the pup, he did the next best thing he could think of. Take the pup with him, wherever he travelled!

Now Ronnie was his travel buddy and his food and water were also well-stocked in the auto.

In a world, where people wouldn’t be bothered about keeping children alone at home, I found Harvinder to be uniquely sensitive and caring and meeting him brought on a feeling of added warmth and cheer to my Christmas eve.
Harvinder was shy when I clicked his pic… But the photograph was more to remind me that there were always some good souls in the world who were real Santas in different ways for different beings, doing their acts of kindness consistently, quietly and away from the spotlight. And as long as such people existed, there was still hope in the world…

(Edited by Divya Sethu)