Indian Government Bans Smoking In Public Places


A Citizen (and IT employee) celebrates the move:

They say that the road for Indian IT is gloomy and haze-filled. That’s not true, at least not literally, since the ban on smoking in public spaces came into effect on Oct 2. There was a time not long ago (prior to Oct 2, actually) when the “gully” leading into the IT company building that I work in looked awfully like the path into the pearly gates of heaven. What with all the employees who step outside the gates to puff a cigarette, or two, into the already charged ITmosphere.


It’s not to say that the situation outside my office was a case of smoke without fire. After all, today’s Indian IT company is as large a congregation as a large congregation can get. Add to that all the stress and the really cold air-conditioning; you have somebody or the other lighting up to try and calm-down/warm-up/ be-cool.



Well, not anymore. All of us passive smokers can start to breathe easy:  It’s now against the law to smoke in public places, be it at the workplace or in theatres or restaurants.




Hurrah to P-O-L-I-C-Y!!

Now, let’s hope IT just stays this way.

Written By: Karthik Jayashanhar

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