Man From Rural Karnataka Designs Innovative Roti Maker To Help His Mom

Bommai N Vastu (41), a rural innovator from Chitradurga district in Karnataka has designed a machine that can roll perfect rotis, reducing cooking-time in the kitchen.

If you’ve ever prepared rotis you will know that kneading the dough and rolling them into perfect round chapatis is a tough task that many fail at. It is perhaps the most time-consuming aspect of cooking a meal.

This was the same problem that 41-year-old Bommai Vastu’s mother was facing. To make this tedious process a little easier, this resident of Chitradurga district, Karnataka, decided to innovate an induction stove that could roll the perfect round rotis. Along with being easy to use it could dole out up to 200 rotis.

Like the traditional method of rolling rotis, the machine has a rolling pin and a rotating plate at the bottom to roll out the dough. It cost Bommai Rs 15,000 to make the device and it works on both solar power and alternating current.

Watch Bommai’s simple innovation at work in this video:

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