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Make Secret Santa Special with These 10 Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas

This Christmas, stay safe and select the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

Make Secret Santa Special with These 10 Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas

In view of the pandemic, many of us may not go out to stores to pick the perfect gifts. But you can always order something online to have it delivered to your loved ones.
From plantable stationery to eco-friendly cutlery, desk plants, and sustainable coffee-mugs, here are ten eco-conscious gifts you can order!

1.Fridge magnet planters

Give your refrigerator a vibrant-look and feel closer to greenery with this magnetic planter. All you have to do is add water, place a plant-cutting inside it, and stick it on your fridge. The planter is made using ceramic, is hand-painted, and comes in three different designs.

eco friendly Christmas gifts
A magnetic planter.

2. Bamboo-fibre coffee mug

This eco-friendly coffee mug is made using bamboo fibre and corn starch. It is the perfect gift for any coffee lover because it also comes with a silicon cap, which converts it into a takeaway mug.

eco friendly Christmas gifts
Coffee mug made from bamboo fibre and corn starch.

3. DIY Christmas craft kit

Engage yourself and your children with this Christmas kit, which has all the supplies to create your favourite characters, like Santa Claus, his elves, and Rudolf. Apart from the craft items, the kit also contains colour pencils, glue, and stickers for decoration.

eco friendly Christmas gifts
BioQ’s eco-friendly Christmas craft kit.

4. Jade plant in a ceramic planter

You can convert your urbanised indoor space into one with nature by placing a jade plant (succulent) on your work desk or around the house. The plant comes in a colourful ceramic planter along with a potting mix. Succulents not only brighten the look of your home, but also purify the air and improve humidity in your space.

eco friendly Christmas gifts
A jade plant in a colourful ceramic planter.

5. Plantable stationery

This stationery set contains a handmade notepad that is plantable, as well as eco-pens and pencils made from biodegradable paper. Once you start using the items, you can plant them in your backyard and watch them grow into either a flower, a herb, or a variety of vegetables.

eco friendly Christmas gifts
BioQ’s plantable stationery.

6. Bamboo cutlery set

Ditch single-use plastic and switch to something sustainable, like this hand-carved bamboo cutlery set. It contains a spoon, fork, knife, chopsticks, a steel straw, and a cleaning brush.
The set can also be carried around when you travel, because the cutlery is packed in a foldable cotton pouch.

eco friendly Christmas gifts
Bamboo cutlery set.

7. Dry grass planter

Made from environment-friendly material such as dry straw or seagrass, this hand-woven basket is lightweight and portable. It can be placed indoor to grow plants, or for storing items. Since the product is handmade, not every piece will look the same, which is what makes it exclusive.

eco friendly Christmas gifts
Handwoven planter made using dry grass.

8. Cane lampshade

This unique hanging lampshade is handcrafted by talented artisans using cane. It is made by soaking cane slices and weaving them vertically to create a structure.
Not only is it eco-friendly and durable, it also gives an antique-look to your space.

eco friendly Christmas gifts
Handcrafted cane lampshade.

9. Stainless steel straws

Many restaurants and businesses are switching to sustainable options like bamboo or paper straws to reduce plastic pollution. You can do the same, by carrying your own set of stainless steel straws. The set is delivered in a handy jute pouch and has four light-weight straws (two straight and two bent), and a brush for cleaning it.

eco friendly Christmas gifts
Stainless steel straws.

10. Earthen cookware

If you know someone who loves cooking, this could be the perfect gift for them. Clay pots are packed with nutritional elements such as calcium, phosphorus, iron and more. While cooking, the compounds interact with the food, which benefits the body. This handmade product is stove and microwave friendly, and can be used to make biryanis, curries, and dal.

eco friendly Christmas gifts
Clay pot for cooking.

This Christmas, combine the joy of gift-giving and thoughtful living, and spread merry vibes to your family, friends, and the environment.

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