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VIDEO: This Innovative Technology is Providing Clean Drinking Water in 500 Villages of Bihar

VIDEO: This Innovative Technology is Providing Clean Drinking Water in 500 Villages of Bihar

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An interesting technology that is providing much needed clean drinking water as well as solar power to residents of Bihar. Watch the video here to know more about the issue and the innovative solution.

Life in rural Bihar is no less than an everyday struggle for survival. And lack of clean drinking water is one of the reasons that makes it so hard.

From walking several kilometers to fetch water to living with contaminated water, all the struggles have become a daily routine.

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Lately, the increasing threat to ground water quality has become a matter of great concern for the state.

A large number of citizens have been drinking the water contaminated with large quantities of iron and suffering from many health issues.

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But do they have a different choice? How can they meet their daily water requirements? These unique water purification plants are solving the plight of Bihar residents.

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The complex technology has been made very very simple to use and has been installed in more than 500 locations of Bihar.

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The technology that works on solar energy efficiently purifies the highly contaminated water so that it is free from iron contamination and safe to drink.

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Not only clean water, the technology also stores solar energy through the day to power solar lamps in the night which help the children study by their light.


Watch this video that explains the water issue and the innovative solution –

[embedvideo id=”fRNlNI71G2E” website=”youtube”]

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