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Watch: For Rs 20, You Can Drink Your Tea and Eat Your Cup in This Stall!

Watch: For Rs 20, You Can Drink Your Tea and Eat Your Cup in This Stall!

These unique biscuit cups are chocolate flavoured and can hold 60 ml of hot tea for about 10 minutes. The tea is priced at Rs 20 in RS Pathy Nilgiri Tea kiosk.

India is among the largest tea-drinking countries in the whole world. A life without a cup of tea and biscuits is unimaginable for many of us. But it is amazing to see there are still new ways to enjoy your tea!

For the last one month, a kiosk in Tamil Nadu is offering a combo worth just Rs 20, where the tea is served in an edible cup.

“The cups which are chocolate-flavoured can hold 60 ml of hot tea for a good 10 minutes,” says Vivek Sabapathy, the owner of ‘RS Pathy & Co.’ kiosk, located in Madurai’s West Masi Street.

Vivek claims that the shop sells a minimum of 500 edible cups every day. Before using the biscuit cups, the shop was selling tea in clay cups after a country-wide ban on single-use plastic was issued in 2019.


Ice Cream Cones To Tea Biscuit Cups

It was in March 2020 that Vivek came across Edco India, a manufacturer of innovative wafer-based products. They had launched a new product — biscuit cups.

Impressed by the biscuit cups, Vivek ordered a few cups as the first step to check it. As a result, was successful, he placed more orders and started selling biscuit cups.

(Edited by Vinayak Hegde)

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