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Students Come Up With DIY Hack That Can Save 1000 Litres Of Water Daily

Piya Sharma, Jeiya Khurana, Aditya Tanwar, Mohammad Umar and Arjun Singh Bedi (who like to call themselves Fluid Force) says a standalone RO wastes 3 litres of water for every 1 litre that it purifies.

Did you know that a standalone reverse osmosis (RO) system wastes three-litre water for every one litre it purifies? Five students from a Gurugram school have raised this issue with a solution too.

After a lot of research and discussion, the Class 10 students of Shiv Nadar school have found a Do It Yourself (DIY) set up to save 1000 litres of water every day. As part of their science project — Colloquium, the Fluid Force team, which includes Piya Sharma, Jeiya Khurana, Aditya Tanwar, Mohammad Umar and Arjun Singh Bedi rolled out the project.


The innovative device is similar to a tap that can be fixed to our kitchen taps and washbasins. The tap uses the RO wastewater, recycles it, and pumps it back into the regular tap which can then be used for multiple purposes.

The first step was to instal the device on the school premises. Later, they also installed their project in a few homes of friends and relatives to check the setup.

Taking the initiative to the next level, the students visited the Gurugram Commissioner, Amit Khatri’s office, who was impressed by the students DIY plumbing system and assured them to arrange the necessary paperwork to scale up the project.

The team is also looking to apply for a patent, hoping to soon have their products up for sale, which will only cost Rs 1,000.

(Edited by Yoshita Rao)

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