This Railway Officer’s Wedding Invite Grows Into 6 Types of Plants!

The CP of Cyberabad is among those who got this plantable invite to the eco-friendly wedding.

Weddings and their trappings tend to be wasteful and costly, both on pockets and the environment. But it needn’t always be the case, as this Railway officer has demonstrated.

Shashikanth Korravath, an Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS) officer from Shadnagar, Telangana, designed an eco-friendly invite for his wedding. The card can be torn up and sown to grow into three kinds of flower plants. The envelope is plantable too, with seeds of vegetable plants embedded in it.

The civil servant and his fiance have decided to live their life together in a manner that’s good for the world. And what better way to embark on this new journey than with a green wedding!

Shashikanth explained the thought behind the plantable invites – papers deplete the earth’s forests and also cause pollution when disposed of improperly. A plantable card is a small attempt at reversing the damage.

The couple plan on having an environmental-friendly wedding function too, with minimal use of plastic.

The CP of Cyberabad, Shri VC Sajjanagar, was one of the many who were wowed by the thoughtful wedding card and shared his appreciation on social media. He urged everyone to follow this amazing example set by Shashikanth and make choices that minimize pollution and safeguard our planet.


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