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#NotInstaWorthy Challenge: 7 ‘Unfiltered’ Ways to become a Zero Food Waste Champion

#NotInstaWorthy Challenge: 7 ‘Unfiltered’ Ways to become a Zero Food Waste Champion

Dare to imagine a world where food pictures on social media could actually do more than just look good.


This article has been sponsored by DBS Bank India

There is a popular expression in culinary lingo – ‘You eat with your eyes first’. And you know it’s true, because we’ve all spent hours mindlessly ogling sinful videos and photos of mouthwatering food. On the flip side, we’ve also been guilty of spending hours shooting and editing that perfect food pic — standing on chairs to get the perfect angle, filtering and cropping for the ultimate aesthetic. It’s all about the likes!

But, there is another side to this delectable world of food photography – a negative one. This side, rarely shown, has heaps of rotting vegetables, food scraps and waste, clogging our bins and landfills across cities. A report confirms that India alone produces around 67 million tonnes of food waste every year. Ironically, while sections of the society manage to look at food as an indulgence, others struggle to receive it as basic sustenance.

Recognising this disparity, DBS Bank India and The Better India have launched a movement to propel us towards Zero Food Waste with a unique challenge to bust the myth that reducing food waste looks #NotInstaWorthy

In a world where memorable eating experiences are judged based on how ‘Instaworthy’ the photos or videos are, this challenge aims to turn the tables on food waste by urging people (that means YOU!) to share your waste-reducing hacks on Instagram using the hashtag #NotInstaWorthy. This is a great way to use your Instagram feed for good- plus the 10 best entries will win an exclusive Zero Food Waste hamper!

Curbing food waste feels good, but let’s show people that it can look good too! More importantly, it draws attention to the growing problem of food waste in a country that can ill afford it, along with the solutions to help consumers stop it, right from the comfort of your home.

Next time, instead of leaving behind a messy kitchen, use the scraps and leftovers to make a delicious smoothie or soup. Then share a picture of it on Instagram so you can challenge the mindset that it’s #NotInstaworthy. Pickles, jams, preserves- it’s all part of increasing shelf life. “Take a shelfie” of your favorite one and tag and follow DBS Bank India and The Better India with #NotInstaWorthy in the caption

To get you inspired – here are 7 quick ways that can transform your kitchen and your Insta feed

From Root to Shoot

Source: Potato peel chips & orange rinds candles

Don’t dump those delish discards – from potato and banana peels to orange and lemon rinds, there is another world of culinary brilliance made out of vegetable and fruit scraps. And what’s even better is that these scraps are not just full of flavour and texture but also rich in nutrition.

So if you have an interesting recipe that uses food scrap as an ingredient, share it on Instagram with #NotInstaworthy

Food for Good

Another way achieving zero food waste is by donating the excess food to the needy. You can either feed stray animals in your locality or donate the food to NGOs. Several food banks across India accept leftover foods and distribute them among the poor and hungry.

DBS Bank India has also partnered with The Akshaya Patra Foundation to sponsor Mid-Day Meals for at least 1,000 school children for an entire year. Now each time you activate a DBS DealOnline account to transact in forex exchange, DBS commits to sponsoring two children for the year on your behalf.
Do you have a way to live more, waste less? We can’t wait to see it under #NotInstaworthy

Pickle my fancy

An old Indian grandmother’s trick is to make ice-cubes out of pure lemon juice to store it for a long period and use it in serbets, curries, etc. Want to go exotic- try your hand at kimchi or kombucha.

Have your own tips and tricks for fermentation or making natural food preservatives? Share them with us with #NotInstaWorthy

Follow FIFO
A super-efficient way of storing food items is based on the magic thumb-rule of FIFO – First in, First out. Sort out your edibles based on their shelf-life and best-before dates. Store the most perishable items in handy areas and near the door of the fridge/cabinet so you make sure to use them first.

If you are already doing this or have better tricks to efficiently organize food storage, join us now in the #NotInstaWorthy challenge.

Measure your meals

Make a meal plan in advance to determine what shopping needs to be done and in what quantities.

Post this it is essential to measure the correct amount of food to be cooked to consume everything in one go. Making a constructive meal plan not only helps you buy exactly what you can and will consume, but also stops you from overeating.

A healthy and sustainable practice, this might seem like a challenging feat to master, but you will soon get the hang of it. Have a picture of how you ensure your meals are planned and measured even before you start cooking? Share it on the #NotInstaWorthy challenge.

Farm to Fork

It is a known fact that consuming farm-fresh produce is beneficial for health. It also reduces food wastage, as locally cultivated seasonal vegetables and fruits tend to last longer and are suitable for the environment.

By making a conscious decision to consume only seasonal and locally available produce, you are not only saving yourself a considerable amount of money but are also saving the planet by starting a positive cycle of a healthier lifestyle and zero food waste. You could visit a local farmer’s market or share pictures of your own urban farm, inspiring many more to join the anti-food waste bandwagon.

Candles to Compost bins

There’s always a bit of food that’s inedible and needs to be tossed. But it’s time we understand that to bin is to sin. Did you know that tons of inedible food can be repurposed into useful items, like aromatic candles, made out of orange peels.
Not crafty? No worries, you can start composting. Eggshells, used tea leaves, rinds, etc. are common kitchen trash that can become treasure. It can even come full circle and be used as food for your plants. Have a blossoming kitchen garden? You could win the #NotInstaworthy challenge with a picture of your greens.

The reality of food is not always reflected in the filtered perfection of pretty food photos. So join this movement towards Zero Food Waste that’s hungry for change – it all begins with you.

Become a role model with the #NotInstaworthy challenge by DBS Bank India and The Better India- take food waste off the menu!

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