A Mother to 8 Abandoned Children, This Transgender Woman Is an Unsung Hero

This Transgender Woman Is an Unsung Hero

Abandoned at the age of five, Manisha is an inspiring transgender woman from Chhattisgarh who is a mother to 8 abandoned children. 

Abandoned at the age of five, Manisha, an inspiring transgender woman from Chhattisgarh grew up facing many challenges.

She says, “My mother and father abandoned me at a very young age. I had a tough childhood and I spent many days without food. I vowed to myself that when I grew up, I would take care of other children who did not have a family.”

Whenever Manisha came across an orphaned child, she did whatever she could to help them get timely medical help, food, shelter, and education.

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Today, she is the mother to eight abandoned children, and her youngest child is a 7-month-old boy who lost both his parents. But it is not easy for this mother. Manisha works through any job she can get to earn money for their livelihood and sometimes cannot make ends meet, especially due to the stigma faced by transgender people by society.

If you wish to help her, you can reach out to her on the number provided in the video.

Here’s her story:

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