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It’s time to upskill with herb gardening!

Whether you want a fresh garnish over poha or want to spice up that pasta organically, all the herbs can be at the convenience of your kitchen window! How? This 3-hour online workshop will teach you how to grow essential herbs in your home.

What will be covered in the online workshop:

Nisha Bhimaiah, a farmer by birth will guide you through the processes of growing herbs to spice up your kitchen.

  • Begin by learning all about container and soil preparation
  • Nisha will discuss how to prepare the container for replanting, transplanting the saplings or seedlings
  • Transplanting is an essential part of growing delicate herbs. This workshop will cover that too
  • Tips on harvesting and discuss ideas for using it in culinary and for medicinal purposes
  • The herbs covered in the workshop are: Basil, Holy Basil Tulsi, Pandan Herb, Rosemary (for demo), Basil and Dill for sowing and common culinary herbs like Coriander, Curry leaves, Mint, Ajwain Herb, Italian basil, Oregano, Sage and Parsley for discussion

Tell me more about this!

Organic herbs are now at your fingertips!

Urban Farming

Even something as minute as a herb is a great start for organic urban farming. This workshop shows you the way

Green Cities

With your set of organic herbs, you can ensure greenery around your home and the city at large!

Easy Access

Be in your comfort zone at home and gain a new skill with herb gardening!

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