QUICK BYTES: India Honoured for Significant Service to UN Peacekeeping

India was honoured at the International Day of Peacekeepers for her worthy service over the past six decades.


Credits: IDRW

As part of the Blue Berets, India has participated in more than 44 of 69 peacekeeping missions and has contributed a staggering number of nearly 180,000 troops, including the first Female Formed Police Unit under the UN, over the last 60 years of its service. She has lost about 158 peacekeepers during these operations. In light of this, India was honoured for its notable contribution to UN Peacekeeping at an event held for celebrating the International Day for Peacekeepers on Capitol Hill which is the seat of the United States Congress. The award was received by India’s Ambassador to the US, Arun K. Singh.

“Indian troops and police personnel have won high regard worldwide for their high standards of performance under the challenging circumstances”

– Arun K. Singh

India’s commitment to peace is so strong, that in the last 10,000 years of her existence, she has never invaded any country. She is known to persist with her diplomatic resilience and not a military aggressiveness.