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Stuck at home? Get gardening with succulents!

Your time indoors can make you feel lethargic and down. Plants can uplift your mood and help you stay on the top of the game. Succulents, in particular, are very easy to grow so they are perfect for all the beginners giving gardening a shot!

What to expect in the online workshop

A farmer by birth and an urban gardener by passion, Nisha is a trained consultant who will make gardening seem like a piece of cake.

  • Begin by understanding the nature of succulents and their various types
  • Nisha will guide you through the process of mixing soil to make it perfect for the growth of such plants
  • Get to know what environment, amount of water and the sunlight needs of succulents
  • Learn how to prepare the pot or container for transplanting succulents. Also learn how to propagate the plants
  • Explore different containers that we can grow succulents in (they are the perfect decor for your desks!)

Tell me more about this!

Learn all about succulent gardening from the comfort of your home

Indoor Gardening

No terrace, no garden, no problem! Succulents can grow perfectly in an indoor setting too

New Hobby

While you are staying safe at home, utilise the time to learn a new hobby and skill set!

Easy to Follow

Once you understand how to grow a succulent, all spare containers and bottles can be turned into succulent pots!

Easy Access

All you need is an internet connection to access the workshop. Learn all about these plants at the comfort of your sofa!

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