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A steriliser that will give you a clean & fresh cup before you’re done bathing!

Simple to use and extremely efficient, here’s how to operate the steam-steriliser.

Pour 5 ml of water in the machine tank. Rinse your menstrual cup and place it over the tank with its tail facing up. Put on the lid of the steriliser and plug it in. The power will go off automatically in 3 minutes. Let the steamer cool before you take the cup out.

Tell me more about this!.

If reservations about cleanliness kept you from switching to the cup, this steriliser is the answer!

Promotes Sustainability

Why dump hundreds of plastic pads when a single menstrual cup will do the trick (and better!)


When your period is over, just pop the rinsed cup in this steriliser for a couple of minutes to kill 99% germs and bacteria in one go.

Easy to Use

In just four simple steps, you have a disinfected, steam-sterilised menstrual cup!

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