The Shift Series: Bringing Changemakers Into The Limelight

Here is an opportunity to meet out-of-the-box thinkers, change makers and some of the most interesting and inspirational people from various fields. The Shift Series is bringing some amazing people together.

Here is an opportunity to meet out-of-the-box thinkers, change makers and some of the most interesting and inspirational people from various fields. The Shift Series is bringing some amazing people together.

There are stories which change the world, stories which inspire us to be the change and then stories we wish we could hear again and again. And hardly do we know about these amazing stories unless they are brought out in open, talked about and spoken in a way that everyone listens.

The Shift Series is one such platform, that gives voice to stories of change, inspiration and passion.


Founded by Anjali Raghbeer, Priyanjili Goel and Urvashi Khemka to help active minds of all ages to make a shift in their thinking, the Shift Series is much more than just a place to share stories. It is a place to bring together the amazing out-of-the-box thinkers, the change makers and the leaders.

Be it Sampat Pal Devi’s moving story of an early marriage, her dedication to study and finally start a bold initiative called the “Gulabi Gang” which needs no introduction. Or be it the famous Shubha Mudgal’s inspiring journey of making her own space in a male-dominated music industry or be it Laxmi Narayan Tripathi’s story, who transformed the humiliation of being “different” into her strength and advocated the rights of the third gender.


These are people who did not give up when the going got tough or things turned ugly. Rather they dared to face their obstacles and are now sharing their success stories with the world. A platform like Shift makes it possible for us to get a glimpse of their lives in their own words.

But Shift is not just a platform for sharing stories. It also collaborates with different NGOs to provide the necessary support to the people it associates with.


Their other initiative, The Shift Academy, provides an online learning experience for kids and life-long learners through workshops, online courses, expert advice and much more.

Schools can also bring the Shift Series to their campuses and make kids become a part of the amazing initiative that will help them to explore their capabilities and interests.

The Shift Series is holding their first conference of inspiring, path-breaking speakers who would be sharing some amazing experiences of their lives. Some of the interesting speakers in the conference include RJ Naved who hosts the popular evening show “Mirchi Murga”, the queen of Italian cuisine Ritu Dalima, and many more.

If you want to watch the London-based stand up comedian SindhuVee at her best, describing her life journey and how she made a unique space in the male-dominated industry, or if you want to witness the power of storytelling from the man, Ameen Haque, himself or you want to know more about how Ravi Kalra is creating a tremendous impact in the lives of  the underprivileged and in protecting the environment, this conference is for you.

Be there at Teen Murthy Bhavan, Delhi on 2nd May at 9:30 am to witness some of the most amazing and inspiring stories.


If you want to be a part of Shift, you can connect with their cause, suggest speakers or just leave them a mail at – Check out their website for more details.

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