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Amidst Lockdown, TN Cop Arranges Cab & Donates Blood for Pregnant Lady’s Surgery

Amidst Lockdown, TN Cop Arranges Cab & Donates Blood for Pregnant Lady’s Surgery

Amazingly, when the 23-YO was awarded 11,000 by seniors, he said he would donate half of it to the mother and new born!

While patrolling the streets of Tiruchirappalli (Trichy), Tamil Nadu, on 6 April, police constable S Syed Abuthahir saw a 24-year-old heavily pregnant woman who needed urgent medical attention. And once he found out that she also needed a blood donor, the conscientious policeman did not think twice.

The police officer not only safely transported the woman to a hospital, but stayed back to ensure that she and her baby were safe. Here’s their heartwarming story.

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A Chance Meeting in on the Roads of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu lockdown S syed
Image Courtesy: Constable S Syed Abuthahir

Syed, a 23-year-old constable with the Tamil Nadu police was on his duty in the Manarappai town of Trichy when he saw a curious sight. Potentially violating the strict COVID-19 lockdown rules, three adults were walking on the road, evidently not with the aim of purchasing essential goods. One among them was a heavily pregnant woman, struggling to walk. Syed rushed to the trio and inquired about their reason to be out that evening.

What the trio told him shocked him to the core.

On 6 April, Sulochana went into labour and her husband, Ezhumalai rushed her to the hospital. The pregnancy was complicated and the doctors recommended C-Section. However, that required a blood transfusion and the hospital was facing a shortage of O+ve blood —Sulochana’s blood group.

Speaking to the Times of India, Ezhumalai said, “The doctors told us to arrange two units of blood as they [were] running short of blood due to lack of donors during the lockdown. So, we were on the way back to the city to take a vehicle to reach home.”

That’s when Syed spotted them. Speaking to The Better India (TBI) he says, “I was patrolling the bus station around 1 PM. That’s the curfew time for shops. I saw the three of them walking in this awful heat and looking at the lady’s condition, I enquired about the situation. The lockdown meant there were very few cab services available so I arranged for their transport. It still took us some time but by 2.30 PM, we were at the hospital.”

Providence Intervened

Tamil Nadu lockdown S syed
Image Courtesy: Constable S Syed Abuthahir

This entire ordeal had started because Sulochana needed O+ve blood and the hospital had run out of it. As luck would have it, that’s Syed’s blood type too. He accompanied the trio to the hospital and decided to stay there until the procedure was over.

“By the time they needed blood, it was already 7 PM. And Suochana gave birth to a healthy baby girl around 9 PM. I stuck around for another hour before leaving,” Syed tells TBI.

But that was not the end of it. The story of Syed helping out a pregnant woman in need had reached his superiors and they encouraged this good deed with a token of appreciation. IPS officer Ziaul Haque, the Superintendent of Police in Trichy shares, “He was on duty when the incident happened but he did everything in his capacity to help out the couple.”

The SP gave him Rs 1000 as a reward and subsequently, the Director-General of Police (DGP), Trichy awarded him with Rs 10,000.

“After the incident, I was deployed in Trichy to create awareness videos for our social media campaign, so I haven’t found the time to meet the couple again. But I want to visit them again and share half of the reward amount with Sulochana and Ezhumalai because it might help them with any medical expenses especially during this lockdown period,” Syed shares.

Ezhumalai, the happy father told India Today, “If that police officer had not donated blood, my wife and I would have been in a very difficult spot… My wife and child are well now and I thank that officer and the Trichy police for this help… I was scared of the police before but after this, my opinion has changed. They are here to help and they will help you too in case of need.”

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(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

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