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HarVa: Harnessing Value of Rural India

HarVa: Harnessing Value of Rural India

We have all heard about Rural BPOs opening up in various parts of the country. They offer the best value proposition in terms of the social impact that they create as well as unparalleled cost benefit. But off-late rural BPOs have been riddled with problems like very high attrition rate as a result of knowledge stagnation and lack of skill up-gradation.

Harva is one social enterprise that has gone beyond just a rural BPO model. Harva stands for “Harnessing Value” of rural India. Harva focuses on Skill Development, BPO, Community Based Farming & Microfinance.

Harva offers LPO , litigation support services and assistance in research and paralegal projects. Also a great emphasis is laid on IT sourcing especially various aspects of software testing from performance to quality check. Harva assures the best price and expertise in the field of testing.

Besides the Rural XPOs , Harva has devised a Farm to Firm(F & F) model wherein they have plans to develop several symbiotic community based farming groups that are run by a proficient management system. Effective utilization of resources by consolidating fragmented plots and efficient water management resulting in an economically and environmentally viable model.

The other major interest  of the organization in the field of Micro Finance. The Harva Employee Loan Program (HELP) loan assistance to employees fulfilling their short term needs.

The HELP model in partnership with Micro Finance institutions offers a win-win situation for both of them as Harva has a ready customer base that is employed for various micro financial products being offered by the MFIs. Also, the credit default risk will come on Harva’s balance sheet rather than on the MFI’s.  With no investment on skill development and operational cost reduced to 50% Harva offers a great opportunity to MFIs for penetrating the rural market.

India has acute shortage of cold storage as a result of which around 30% of agricultural produce goes waste every year. Harva has an interest in waste management and is looking at various innovative ideas and opportunities in this arena as well.

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