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Less Is More: Learn Minimalist Living in B’luru Woman’s 3-Hour Online Workshop

Less Is More: Learn Minimalist Living in B’luru Woman’s 3-Hour Online Workshop

“Everything was sustainable when I was growing up in Kodagu. Only when I came to Bengaluru I realised how much 'waste' is wasted. That irked me."

A few years into the corporate world and Nisha Bhimaiah knew that life wasn’t for her. She had travelled far from her family farm in Kodagu and settled in a cushy job in Bengaluru. Yet, overtime, the wasteful ways of urban lifestyle became all too apparent while the allure of a minimalist way of life pulled harder.

“Everything was sustainable when I was growing up. Not even the sewage was waste. It was directed underground without artificial treatment. The food waste went to farm animals or was converted to fertiliser. We followed a certain cycle of life. Only when I came to Bengaluru I realised how much “waste” is wasted. That irked me,” Nisha says.

Thus, around 10 years ago, she decided to pay heed to her calling and made a switch that would give her the best of both worlds – the comforts of urban life and the sustainable, circular nature of rural life.

Today, Nisha is a life coach, counsellor, ecopreneur and artist settled in Bengaluru. She conducts gardening, composting and other workshops for students, teens and adults. This weekend, you can learn all about minimalistic living from this hardcore minimalist champion from the comfort of your homes! Click this link to book your place now.

A Tryst With Urban Living:

bengaluru minimalism workshop

“My grandparents and their parents did not have many luxuries. But they were truly hard working farmers. My grandfather, for example, had a five-acre land when he began farming. By the end of his life, he had expanded that to 55 acres. Instead of spoiling himself with luxuries, he kept adding to his investments with land. The following generation had it relatively easy but this time, they had to work for the post-independent India. When the time of my generation arrived, things were much easier,” the 46-year-old tells The Better India (TBI).

Agriculture is not the most glamorous job and certainly not an easy occupation. Even with adequate farmland at their disposal, the present generation of Nisha’s family found it easier to migrate to a city and take up urban occupations. Others left because no matter how much they toiled, farming still did not give the financial stability they desired. Nisha too left her farms in Kodagu and settled in Bengaluru.

“We may have had it easier than the previous generations but diligence still ran in the blood and I left my family home and shifted to a city that posed new challenges. I thought that urban comfort was all I needed but in a matter of years, I realised otherwise,” she shares.

From Bengaluru and Back to Sustainability:

bengaluru minimalism workshop

What Nisha missed most about home was the circular economy that was the very essence of rural life in Kodagu. Of course, life had become much easier. Now she did not have to make a list of all the groceries she needed and wait for the weekly bazaar. She could just buy stuff from the corner store. But this ease had resulted in her contributing to the overflowing landfills of Bengaluru.

Soon enough, she started becoming mindful of her choices and implemented the lessons from her old life in her new home. By growing her own vegetables, composting wet waste and purchasing only that which results in minimum wastage and maximum value addition, Nisha adopted the essence of minimalism and zero-waste living.

Especially when it comes to the current situation, where the COVID-19 lockdown has restricted our choices and our movement, sustainable and minimalistic living has become handy for Nisha and her family.

This weekend, she will share her 10-year journey of minimalism living. Join her in the webinar for quick tips on how to “adopt creative thinking for mindful buying,” as Nisha puts it.

What to Expect in the Online Workshop:

bengaluru minimalism workshop

Nisha is quick to clarify that minimalism does not mean renouncing life as one knows it. For her, it simply means being thoughtful of your choices and understanding that every purchase becomes a part of a cycle. It could either add to the profits of big players or feed a family of artisans. It could either end up in the landfills or can be utilised several times over before decomposing. To her, minimalism is purchasing what one needs with conscious thoughts about its consequences.

This is what she will cover in the 3-hour online workshop-

  • Understanding how sustainability and frugality will benefit us personally, especially in the current scenario of COVID-19 lockdown.
  • Discovering why minimalism is essential to us, and how it can change our lives for the better
  • Understanding how to expand our life by minimalising our lifestyle, how to reclaim our time, energy and a qualitative good life
  • Introduction to how to start a minimalist practice – 30 days to minimalism
  • Minimalism journal, gratitude practice, creating the roadmap to a minimalistic mindset

You can join Nisha in her webinar and make the next weeks of the COVID-19 lockdown smooth sailing. Click on this link to book your place.

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(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

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