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VIDEO: Is India Really The Rape Capital Of The World? Take A Hard Look At These Numbers.


So what defines India? Is it the beautiful culture? The amazing food and mesmerizing locations? Or is it rape? Here is your answer with hard facts and figures.

Did you know that India is placed 85th among 121 countries for reported rapes? Or that in India, 4 women out of 1,00,000 are raped while in the USA, the number is 52?


Yes, rapes happen in the country. They happen often. More often than can be acceptable, because even one is too many. And yes, the fact is that many go unreported and hence unaccounted. But is it the only thing that defines India? Is India the only country that faces this issue?


Has the problem escalated to such an extent that a leading international news publication declared it as “epidemic” in the country?


This video does not justify rape. Nor does it say that it should not be talked about. All it does is use hard facts and statistics from ‘The Hindu’ to break illusions and fear and put the heinous crime into perspective.

It takes a candid look at the perception of rape that is holding Indian women back and preventing them from stepping out of their homes, working or even taking a cab.


Watch the thought-provoking video that shows the true picture of rape in India with some interesting facts and figures.

[embedvideo id=”KdGUPTub-L0″ website=”youtube”]

What started with the aim of spreading awareness about the issue and empowering women has gone beyond that to the point of spreading fear and misinformation among the population.

So, the next time you call India as a country of rapists, give it a second thought and use real data to substantiate your claims.



The video was originally published here by Teen Pathar here.

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