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Want to Help Fight COVID-19? Here’s How to Become a Registered ‘Corona Warrior’

Selected ‘Corona Warriors’ will have to undergo training, after which they will be provided with an official ID and a safety kit.

Aiming to curb the spread of rumours and fake news surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak, the Department of Information and Public Relations (Karnataka) has collaborated with Indian Red Cross Society and Karnataka State Labour Institute to launch an initiative wherein young volunteers across the state will be appointed as ‘Corona Warriors’.

The primary responsibility of a ‘Corona Warrior’ is to thwart all rumour-mongering and false information doing rounds all over social media. Such incorrect information, morphed audio clips and videos are being spread through WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter; either creating excessive panic among the citizens or adversely affecting their health with unverified tips.

The idea is the brainchild of P. Manivannan, the present Secretary at Department of Information and Public Relations.

Since the announcement on 26 March, the government claims to have already received 400 applications of which 120 were from Bengaluru itself. 

Here is a list of details about the programme: 

  • The government has opened a provision for around 3000 volunteers to register as Corona Warriors across the state.
  • Registered applicants will be shortlisted for the final selection, following a round of identity verification. 
  • Selected ‘Corona Warriors’ will have to undergo training at the respective district offices. 
  • They will be provided with an official ID and a safety kit by the local officer. 
  • The volunteers will be appointed in every taluk of Karnataka, with a minimum of four volunteers actively working in each. 
  • The volunteers will have shift duties, i.e., four volunteers in a particular taluk will work in four shifts throughout the day. 
  • For now, the voluntary service will last for two months or 60 days.
  • Interested candidates can apply by following this link:


The basic duties of a ‘Corona Warrior’ include: 

  • Monitoring of local social media activity to spot rumours and false information on Coronavirus.
  • Raising awareness among the public by busting such fake news.
  • Providing the correct information.

While doctors and scientists all over the country are insisting that the public steer clear of both believing and peddling misinformation; the Karnataka government has become the first in India to initiate a strategic control over this menace.

Register today and be a Corona Warrior! India needs you. Visit the official page of P Manivannan to know more:

(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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