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Potato Chips & Toilet Cleaners Have One Thing in Common- and It Is Toxic!

Who would have thought our favourite junk food will have something in common with a toilet cleaner?

Potato Chips & Toilet Cleaners Have One Thing in Common- and It Is Toxic!

Packaged potato chips are so addictive that you can never have just one. And yet, we’ve been told repeatedly and by many well-meaning people that they must be avoided at all costs for health reasons. But we recently came across something that made the chips more dangerous.

There’s a common ingredient in your potato chips and toilet cleaners – and they both cause you harm.

Sodium Bisulfite- a chemical that ties your favourite snack & toilet cleaners:

Before being packaged, potatoes are peeled, washed, fried and spiced. All is well up until this point. But then comes the addition of preservatives and other additives to ensure the chips stay fresh and crispy until you open the packet. One of these ingredients can be sodium bisulfite.

The synthetic chemical is added to increase the shelf life of our chips and to prevent discolouration. It works by releasing sulphur dioxide gas and restrains the growth of microbes in the packet. Though added in just trace quantities, the number of potato chips we consume results in an accumulation of sodium bisulfite in our body.

The same chemical is used in toilet cleaners albeit of course, in larger quantities.

A study by the US National Library of Medicine mentions how sodium bisulfate is a dry acid that can prove to be very harmful when ingested or when it comes in contact with your skin. Difficulty in breathing, chest pains, diarrhoea etc are symptoms of poisoning if large amounts of the chemical are ingested. You may experience blisters, and burns when the acid comes in contact with you.

We could have understood if you had no choice but to use these harmful products but, why go for them when you have clean alternatives that can be delivered right to your doorsteps.

Cleaners that keep you safe:

The alternative to sodium bisulfate carrying potato chips is easy- either buy fresh ones that are fried in front of you or go for chips that contain no artificial preservatives. Toilet cleaning alternatives might seem tricky but that isn’t the case. We are growing more responsible towards the environment and our own health. That’s where sustainable cleaning options like The Better Home cleaners save us.

Made from nature-derived ingredients, these cleaners contain dormant bacteria that deep clean your toilet bowls. They do not harm the environment in any way and are safe on your skin too (we tested it ourselves!)

Why waste money on cleaners that can prove poisonous when you can instead go for cleaners that care about you?

Your well-being is always a priority when it comes to snacking or home cleaning. Never forget that.

Click here to get your set of cleaners that protect you and planet earth.

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(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

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