Your Kid Deserves Only the Best. Ditch Plastic for a Steel Feeding Bottle!

steel feeding bottle

Lightweight and low-cost, vacuum flasks will keep milk warm for a long time and protect your little ones from microplastic toxins.

Your baby deserves nothing but the very best. Whether it’s clothes, educational toys or food, a new parent will never compromise on quality. Then why let them drink milk in a plastic bottle? Agreed, most plastic feeding bottles are bisphenol A (BPA) free. But have you considered how stainless steel can be a healthier, safer option for them?

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Your Baby’s Meals are Set to Get Plastic-free!

steel feeding bottle
Stainless Steel Feeding Bottle- Order Now

Plastic bottles made for babies are usually free of BPA- an industrial chemical that is usually used in making food storage containers. But that doesn’t give them the clean chit. Plastic by nature can be very harmful to your health. When it comes to a system as delicate as a baby’s, we can’t really trust plastic, of any kind, completely. Babies suckle and nibble on a feeding bottle continuously, increasing the risk of microplastic ingestion.

Go for stainless steel feeders instead that are designed to keep your child safe. Follow this link to buy one now.

What is Special About a Stainless Steel Feeding Bottle?

steel feeding bottle
Stainless Steel Feeding Bottle- Order Now

These bottles are completely plastic-free. Their outer layer is made of stainless steel and the edges are designed with careful thought about the safety of babies.

LeRoyal makes the teats of the bottles with medical-grade silicone so your baby’s gums and milk teeth don’t get hurt. Keeping in mind that babies prefer lukewarm milk, the bottles are insulated to keep beverages warm for a long time.

What’s more, the bottles weigh just 20 gm so a toddler can easily hold it.

Why You Should Gift your Baby a Steel Feeding Bottle:

steel feeding bottle
Stainless Steel Feeding Bottle- Order Now

New parents go for plastic feeding bottles because they are light, insulated and safe for their babies. This stainless steel bottle is all that and much more!

It is more eco-friendly than plastic and maintains the temperature of warm or cool drinks for a long time. We always wish the very best for our babies so why compromise when it comes to their meals?

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(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

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