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‘They Work 24/7’: How Mumbai Airport ‘Hired’ Bacteria to Clean Toilets

‘They Work 24/7’: How Mumbai Airport ‘Hired’ Bacteria to Clean Toilets

"Our prime concern was whether the green chemicals would be effective given the scale of the job... Lab tests have confirmed that the toilets are cleaner now.”

In 2017, the Terminal 2 (T2) of Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport hired a unique set of cleaners to clean urinals. Bacteria was now responsible to clean men’s washrooms in one of the largest and busiest airports in the country. The Mumbai airport receives an average footfall of 90,000 men every day. With about 1.5 litres of water getting flushed after every use of the toilet, one can calculate how much water is used on a daily basis.

Bacteria was their answer to save water used in the toilets at the station and keep them clean without increasing the efforts of the staff. At first glance, bacteria doesn’t seem like the most obvious solution to a problem as common as stinking toilets. But T2 showed the way. If you flushed, a green chemical would be released in the toilets instead of water. This green chemical, the bacteria in action, cleans the toilets without the use of water.

Odour & Toxin-free Toilets, Thanks to Bacteria Cleaners:

floor cleaners

The experiment started with the use of green cleaning bacteria in 200 toilets and to clean 4 lakh square metres of surface area.

Speaking to the Times of India, a spokesperson for the Mumbai airport said, “We found that the urinals and commodes aren’t used the way they are supposed to be. It leaves them dirty and frequent cleaning wasn’t the solution… Our prime concern was whether the green chemicals would be effective given the scale of the job at hand and the large number of passengers that the airport handles.”

But their worries were soon put to rest since the ammonia-feeding bacteria consumed organic waste quickly and left the urinals clean. Unlike conventional acidic cleaners, they did not simply burn the solids. And they work 24*7. “Cleaning compounds that contain ammonia-feeding bacillus spores are instead used in toilets. Lab tests have confirmed that the toilets are cleaner now. We don’t use lemongrass or lavender or other such essential oils to mask the smells. The bacteria convert the ammonia generated due to uric acid accumulation to nitrogen, as soon as the toilet is used,” the spokesperson further added.

Needless to say, the bacteria became a hit with the staff as well as the passengers, who may have been confused at the release of a chemical when they flushed but at least the toilets were spotless and did not have a super strong smell.

The Mumbai Airport Initiative Has a Lesson for Us All:

better home

The airport authorities have to keep in mind the convenience and expectations of thousands of passengers visiting their toilets daily. If green cleaning bacteria could work effectively in such a busy environment, why shouldn’t they work for your home too?

A toilet cleaner made with bacteria that deep cleans toilet bowls can be your answer to stinking toilets and stained bowls. Use it in place of regular acid cleaners and see the difference within days of use! The initiative by the Mumbai airport has already shown that toxic chemicals are not always the answer. Sometimes, bacteria can do the job even better.

Go on, have a stink-free, stain-free toilet with a cleaner that doesn’t harm you or the environment. Click here to get your bacteria-based toilet cleaner now!

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Feature Image Source: Aviserv/ Facebook.

(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

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