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Bamboo Razor: A Clean Shave That Doesn’t Cut Your Pocket or the Planet

Bamboo Razor: A Clean Shave That Doesn’t Cut Your Pocket or the Planet

Ditch the use-and-throws for a razor that can do the job, while also ensuring the planet is happy about it.

When it comes to sustainability, small things do matter. Especially when these things accumulate to make a huge difference. Take our shaving razors for instance. Use and throw razors may seem low-cost and easy to use. But they are neither. You end up purchasing several of them in a matter of weeks and also pile up on the plastic trash that is already choking our planet.

But do we have an alternative?

Certainly! Keeping the much-needed trend of sustainability at the forefront, Almitra Sustainables has designed a bamboo razor which will give you a close and clean shave and not pollute the environment.

Follow this link to buy it for just Rs 250.

Bamboo – To Replace Most Plastic:

bamboo razor
Bamboo Razor- Order Now.

To make razors light and easy to use, we replaced metal handles with plastic. The result? Lakhs of handles lying on our beaches, in lakes and in landfills. But no more. This bamboo razor is lightweight and biodegradable. It is reusable too, so you no longer have to purchase several razors every month.

Make your shaving routine old school again. Go for a biodegradable razor that can be used for years together!

Click here to buy it exclusively on Karnival.

How To Use The Razor:

bamboo razor
Bamboo Razor- Order Now.

Until a few years ago, shaving razors had replaceable blades. So one razor could last a lifetime! All you needed were new blades every so often.

This too is a reusable razor albeit with a new and improved bamboo handle. Once the blade gets blunt, pull it out and replace with a new one. The bamboo handle is designed ergonomically to give you a good grip for safety.

It helps the blade glide over your skin, leaving you with a close, clean shave.

You can get yours by clicking on this link.

The Features of This Razor We Particularly Like:

bamboo razor
Bamboo Razor- Order Now.
  • Bamboo handles have to be our favourite since they are biodegradable and do not leave any trace when discarded
  • The steel head gives you a close and clean shave
  • Its handle is so designed to keep it light and easy for you to glide on your skin – especially in tricky areas
  • Replaceable blades make this razor a one-time investment

Click on this link to get yours now!

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(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

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