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Case in Point: Almond Milk

Claim: Almond milk is the healthier, eco-friendlier alternative to dairy milk

almond milk

What we found out:


  • Veganism has gained momentum over the past few years and almond milk, which tastes much like dairy milk, has found a surging demand worldwide.
  • For most vegans, the decision to give up meat and dairy products comes from an eco-conscious way of living. Replacing dairy with almond milk sounds like a good decision until scientific studies suggest otherwise.
  • One such study shows that the sky-rocketing demand for almonds has put the lives of bees at risk in countries like the USA where almond plantations are plenty. California alone produces 80 per cent of the world’s almonds.
  • This is one case of a well-meaning initiative taking a bad turn.
  • Reports show that many bee farmers in California are renting out the insect hives to almond farmers to meet the growing demand for the nuts.
  • The bees are responsible for pollinating the almond plantations for which, they have to cut short their hibernation period by 2-3 months. Such workload has resulted in the death of nearly 50 billion bees– in a single winter season!
  • Chemicals and fertilisers used to grow the nuts also result in the death of bees.
  • Does that mean almond milk is eco-harming? Not if you go for Indian cultivated organic almonds. Ethics begin at the cultivation stage and one must make informed, responsible decisions to truly reduce their carbon footprint.



Almond milk is quite nutritious, containing calcium, potassium and vitamin D & E.


Since it is not a dairy product, it is perfect for the lactose intolerant.

Low Carbon Footprint

Without an artificial introduction of bees, almonds have a low carbon footprint.



If not cultivated ethically, almonds actually can cost us millions of pollinating bees.

Cost of Water

About 80 million gallons of water is spent to grow almonds in California alone.


Chemicals, fertilisers used for the growth of almonds can be deadly to the soil.

Cutting to the chase

When the nut is grown organically and locally, almond milk gives you a fainter carbon footprint than dairy milk. It is also highly nutritious and good for those with lactose intolerance.

Almond Milk


Grown in the valley of Kashmir, these organic almonds ensure quality, taste and nutrition. Buy from a trusted source to ensure a sustainable diet.

Trying out almond milk for the first time? Get it from trusted vendors who will provide the best quality vegan products. Give Plant Veda’s organic, dairy-free almond milk a chance.

Go a step further and try an almond butter- the perfect spread for your morning toast. This butter contains stevia and has no added sugar, colour, preservative, salt and is diabetic friendly.

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