Smells Nice? Don’t Be Fooled. The Fragrance in Your Cleaners Is Not Good For You

Many detergents and personal care products might list the term ‘fragrance’ somewhere on their label but most brands don’t include the harmful ingredients that make these fragrances.

It’s great to smell a batch of freshly washed and dried clothes. But are you sure the fragrance that you’re taking in is good for you? Many detergents and personal care products might list the term ‘fragrance’ somewhere on their label but most brands don’t include the ingredients within these fragrances.

The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) lists 3,059 materials that are used in fragrance compounds. Of these 3,059 ingredients, some have been linked to cancer, reproductive toxicity, allergies and sensitivities, among others.

We narrowed down two fragrances that are commonly found in household and personal care products to analyse the health risks they pose — Acetaldehyde Benzophenone. These chemicals are widely used in detergents and floor cleaners to cover up the odour of the surfactants present in the same.

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This study stated that the chemical is used for the production of perfumes, polyester resins, and basic dyes. Acetaldehyde is also used as a fruit and fish preservative, as a flavouring agent, and as a denaturant for alcohol. It was found that exposure to acetaldehyde caused the irritation of the eyes, skin and the respiratory tracts in humans. At higher exposure levels, it could lead to erythema, coughing and even pulmonary oedema.


Commonly found in lip balms, perfumes and detergents, exposure to benzophenone can cause gastrointestinal disturbances including nausea and vomiting. Benzophenone can also cause irritation to eyes and can lead to corneal damage.

Babies & Pregnant Women

As the sensory organs of infants are still developing, the toxins and fragrances in detergents and floor cleaners can have a harmful effect on them as well as pregnant women. A 1991 study conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency found that 95 per cent of chemicals in fragrances were derived from petroleum which can lead to cancer, birth defects and damage to the immune system.

What’s The Alternative?

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These bacteria-based cleaners, which are made from 4th generation compounds, make a great alternative to the chemical-based cleaners commonly found in the market. These household products are free of toxin-based fragrances and cause no pollution to the environment.

These cleaners are also entirely safe for babies and pets. Being rich in good bacteria, the residue water from these cleaners can even be used to water your plants.

Are you looking for reliable, planet-friendly home cleaners? Well, they are now just a click away. Your laundry, dishwashing, floor and toilet cleaning is all set to get safe.

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(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

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